About Us


The Name

The koru (New Zealand Maori for "loop") is a spiral shape based on the shape of a new unfurling silver fern front and symbolizing new life, growth, strength, and peace.

Not only will new beginnings naturally happen on the farm through the season, Koru Gardens was a new beginning for Andrew and Hannah upon their return to Kentucky.


Kentucky-Kiwi's producing homegrown goodness

Koru Gardens is a 21 acre farm located just outside of Paducah, KY operated by Andrew and Hannah Hammonds. Andrew is a native New Zealander (Kiwi) was a dairy farmer by trade and enjoys being outside and producing from the land. Hannah is from Paducah (Kentucky) and is a teacher at Clark Elementary . Both are parents of three children - Eleanor, Marshall, and Edith.
Andrew and Hannah have been avid backyard gardeners on a large scale producing and preserving food for their family to eat for most of the year since they got married. Being very aware of how good food affects you and your families health, they are very dedicated to producing homegrown vegetables fresh from their farm to tables of Western Kentucky families through Koru Gardens CSA. 2019 will be their 4th year operating as a CSA and we invite you to become part of our family as we grow food for you to eat at your table.


Our Goals

> To offer quality, locally grown produce to our customers weekly

> To grow food in a natural and sustainable way


> To use organic methods for pest control

We hope you join us as we produce fresh food from our farm to your table!