Pasture Raised Pork Options

Option 1 - Whole Processed

pasture raised hog

  • $40/month for 12 months
  • 1 processed hog
  • Guaranteed 125 pounds of meat (Note: some hogs may produce as much as 200 pounds. If your hog produces more than 130 pounds additional meat can be purchased at $4/pound or we will keep extra)
  • Meat will be divided proportionally to size of pig

Option 2 - Whole on Hook

pasture raised hog

  • $28/month for 12 months for 180 pound hog.
  • On hook price for hog is $2.75/pound
  • If hog is smaller Koru Gardens will buy back hog at $2.75/pound to make up difference
  • If hog is larger purchaser will pay $2.75/pound for additional meat
  • Processed to USDA standards
  • Koru Gardens will take to butcher and deliver processed hog to destination of choice

Option 3 - Raised for You

pasture raised hog

  • For the enthusiast we will custom raise a hog for you!
  • $20/month (This is based on a 250 pound live weight hog at $1/pound)
  • Hog either penned and help loaded for purchaser or you can shoot and remove offal yourself.
  • We will dispose of waste and the pig is yours to process as you choose
  • Differences between larger and smaller hogs will be worked out at the $1/pound price 

Option 4 - By the Cut

group of pasture raised hogs

We have a variety of cuts available for purchase for people who may not need/want meat in bulk. All pork is pasture raised, fresh-frozen, and processed by a USDA certified butcher. Price varies by cut. Please contact us for availability!

Pasture Raised Lamb

Lamb Available

pasture raised lamb

We have pasture raised lamb available by the cut. Prices and selection vary so contact us for availability. We also have lambs available for sale as a whole or half lamb. Contact us for more details.